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I usually refer to myself as a follower of Jesus. But the truth is it has always been Jesus who has pursued me with a lavishly loving, madly merciful fierce intention. I had little choice in the matter. Not that I don’t sometimes rebel and stray. Yet, even in those times when I have went my own way He has waited for me. And when I came to my senses and came home He was there ready to wrap His loving arms around me.

I love my wife and children and have no other aspirations but to love, support and protect them until that day when my Lord calls me home.

In addition to blogging and my YouTube prayer channel I have written a few books including Calling Down The Power of Heaven and That We Might Love. I hope you will check them out. The newest project is A Hooker and A Homosexual Walk Into A Bakery. I expect it to be available on Amazon/Kindle and in paperback by December 2017.


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  1. John DeRubeis

    How are you Dustin. I am a follower of you on you tube. You are amazing and a godly man. My Christian wife Nancy has been seperated now for 1 yr and is filing for divorce. I am doing my best to let go be still and let God work his miricle. I pray everyday for restoration of this marriage. We have only been married for 2 yrs. this is my second marriage. My first one ended after 25 yrs. I have asked god for forgiveness of my mistakes in my present marriage and moved on this past year and god has transformed my heart. I was an alcoholic. I have been sober now for 2 yrs only by the grace of god. I’m in love with my wife Nancy and do not want this divorce. I would love to speak to you and pray together. Thank you

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