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Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen

What If This is Why God Allows Bad Things Like Hurricane Harvey To Happen?

by Dustin Cannon I turned on the news this morning and I saw the glory of God. I did. With his head resting on a filthy bag of charcoal, he...
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Why I Won’t Insult My Savior By Suggesting Something As Paltry As My Disobedience Could Separate Me From God’s Love

by Dustin Cannon  Bad theology in Christian music doesn’t surprise me anymore, but I heard a Casting Crowns song recently that caused me to take note because I think it...
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Saved Even If You Committed Fornication and Murder A Thousand Times A Day

I’ve noticed that, even though the church has come to embrace a doctrine of grace, at least in word, there are few things that make Christians mad quite like preaching...
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Jesus Is Bigger Than The Bible

by Dustin Cannon  Did you know the first miracle Jesus did was to make more wine to keep a party going? He did. And it was because his mother asked...
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Light Shines in The Darkness

The Light Of Love Still Shines And Why The Darkness Can Never Snuff It Out

A few days ago we witnessed a horrific display of hatred and violence raging in Charlottesville, Virginia over skin color. Ethnicity. Such disgusting displays of violence have become so common...
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Why God Never Wanted Us To Know Right From Wrong

by Dustin Cannon  I recently wrote an article explaining why being LGBTQ is not a sin. Over the next few days I saw a barrage of Facebook comments as they...
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Free To Love In Christ: Why I Changed My Mind About Homosexuality and LGBT Christians

by Dustin Cannon  The truth is I never wanted to be here. I didn’t want to write this. I was quite content in my perfect little Christian bubble where all...
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Finding Joy Hiding Under The Shadow of Suffering

I’m fairly sure my dad bought me many things when I was a child. I’m sure there were new bicycles, model cars and other toys. But the truth is I...
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It Must Be A Thing of Ezekiel Can These Dead Bones Live

On 1/9/2015 our new baby boy was born. I have experienced few greater joys on this earth than the pure joy that is found in children. We learn so much about...
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